Our Services

Be inspired by LD-Pool´s. Our system´s embody high-quality materials and advanced technologies with functional design. Through a structured yet flexible approach, we deliver a high quality product.

  • We have 30 years of combined experience. We are the absolute No.1 for endless pool design and construction.
  • All pools are professionally designed, engineered and installed to meet your needs.
  • LD-Pool systems are powerful, and produce a strong and consistent current.
  • Our pool systems are energy efficient.
  • We provide professional planning advice, whether working with an Architect or direct with the client.
  • We offer units that can be retro-fitted to existing pools.
  • We deliver a high quality product that combines function and elegance.
  • In addition to planning services, we ensure quality by carefully managing each project.
  • We can also provide servicing for your pool. Our knowledge in construction supports our understanding of pool maintenance. 

Our focus is on the interests, needs, desires and goals of our clients.