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Water attracts people, water creates atmosphere. Our LD-POOL´s are designed for exercise, relaxation and rehabilitation purposes and remain true to the classic pool look. Our styles adapt to linear forms of building architecture – both indoors and outdoors. 


An LD-Pool is a complete counter current swim facility, that provides a perfect swimming environment. Our pools are completely pre-assembled and ready for installation. They include a control cabinet that houses technical components such as a water purification unit and water pump. Custom sizes and colours are available on request.

LD - Installation Kit

Our Kits are designed to transform your pool or pond into a counter current swim system and get additional usability that is fundamental - whether it is for excecice to improve your physical health and well-being. Our kits can be installed into any new or existing pool or pond.

LD-Swim Machines

Our swim machines are stand-alone devices that make it easy to upgrade your pool with a counter current system. They are very adaptable, and can easily be installed into any new or existing pool or pond.


The Aquarunner has been engineered for underwater walking, running and swimming, with the option of adding a counter current. It is great for rehabilitation, general fitness, weight loss and is also the perfect addition for every athlete. The water buoyancy relieves bones and joints of stress.

LD-Swim Channel

Our swim channels take swimming innovation to a new level, and are ideal for professional sport institutes, swimming centres, universities and rehabilitation centers.

LD-Water Treatment

Water treatment is essential for ensuring healthy conditions in your LD-Pool. Proper sanitation is needed to maintain the visual clarity of water and to prevent the transmission of bacteria.

LD-Pool Accessories

We have wide range of accessories available that can be utilised to enhance your LD-Pool even more. Accessories include massage jets, underwater lights, remote controls, underwater cameras and a lot more. We look forward to advising you about the benefits and use of LD-Pool accessories.