1. Installing a counter current system - what is your pool situation?

1.1 You already have a pool - installing a counter current system into your existing pool

LD-Pool counter current systems are very adaptable, and can be installed into any existing swimming pool or swimming pond.

Installing an LD-Pool Kit is a great way to transform your existing swimming pool or pond into a counter current swimming channel.

All LD-Pool Kits consist of a turbine motor unit(s), power supply, control panel, Polypropylene channel structure, bench and skimmer drain. The existing pool structure does not have to altered. You can transform your existing pool into a counter current swimming channel with perfect current.

1.2 You don´t have a pool - installing a new pool and a counter current system

Before you install a new pool for your counter current swimming channel, you need to decide which LD-Pool system is best for you. Please refer to our Product page for details on our Pools, Kits, Swim machines, Swim channels and Aqua-runners.

2. Choosing the right LD-Pool system for you

We offer a wide range of innovative aquatic fitness equipment. Before selecting your LD-Pool system, it is important to know the basics of our product range. All LD-Pool products are engineered and manufactured in our own manufacturing plant. Our skilled workers use the best available materials and construction methods to produce the highest of quality product.

LD-Pools: an LD-Pool is a complete counter current swim channel, ready for installation.

LD-Pool Kits: our kits pools are designed to transform your existing or new pool or pond into a counter current swim channel. Our kits are very adaptable, and can be installed into any new or existing pool or pond.

LD-Swim Machines: our swim machines are counter current units, that can be installed into your existing or new pool or pond. Our swim machines are also very adaptable, and can be installed into any new or existing pool or pond.

LD-Counter Current Swim Channels: our swim channels take swimming innovation to a new level, and are ideal for professional training facilities or swimming centres.

LD-Aqua runners: have been engineered for underwater walking, jogging and running, with the option of adding turbine motor(s) that also enable swimming.


3. Choosing the right flow rate:

It is important to note that every product generates different swimming conditions, including different water flow characteristics and flow speed. The length, width and depth of the pool also play a big role in determining the type of current your swimming channel will generate. Therefore, choosing a pool with a flow rate that is suitable to your level is important. All LD-Pools come with a control panel to adjust flow speeds from slow to fast, this means that we have pools suitable for a wide range of fitness levels, from rehabilitation to professional training.

For more detailed information please refer to our Product page.