LD – POOL Planning

1. General overview of planning

In order to manufacture an advanced swimming system, professional competence is of utmost importance to LD-Pools. Often, the construction of the pool is mistakenly compared with the installation of a bath tub, however, not even a bath tub is installed by people without professional knowledge! An LD-Pool is a professional swimming pool, and is not comparable to other pools such as “inflatable wading pools”, that serve different purposes.

In most states swimming pools with up to 20m2 water surface and/or 100 m2 water content require council authorisation. The regulations for each council can differ, so we recommend contacting your local building authority when planning for your new pool.

When choosing a pool, the decision to install an indoor pool or an outdoor pool is very important. Both options have their benefits and drawbacks, and it comes down to what is best for your individual requirements.  If your planning to install an outdoor swimming pool, ideally it should be located to face the sun in order to keep energy and heating costs low, and so you can enjoy the sunshine whilst swimming.

Furthermore a wind deflector would be convenient, since the main water-cooling is caused by the evaporation of water from the surface water. Bushes or trees that are close to the pool may pollute the water with leaves, therefore a prevention strategy of some sort should be considered. An elevated pool edge additionally impedes that leaves and other solids are falling into the pool

If you are installing your pool indoors you must have enough space for the pool itself, and a sufficient area around the pool for entry and exit. You may also want to employ and architect or interior designer, although this is not necessary.



1.1 Key planning considerations:

  • The correct architectural solution.
  • Choosing the right pool system for yo.
  • Planning of the construction of you pool.
  • Planning of the water treatment technique.
  • Inclusion of the following systems:
    • Fresh water.
    • Wastewater.
    • Electric power suppl.
    • Aeration and deaeration.
    • Dehumidification.

2. Required space for your pool

2.1 Indoor pool

An indoor pool needs and “entrance side”, which should be at least 1.2m. If the area is also used as a place to relax you have to add on approx. 2.5 x 1.0m for each deck chair. If you use the pool from both sides there should be a space of at least 1.0m. It’s advisable that the pool is accessible from all sides, e.g. for cleaning. For small pools, the required floor space may be 2.5m wide and 6.0m long. For the swimming pool to be accessible from two sides a width of 3.5m and a length of 6.0m should be sufficient.

2.2 Outdoor pool

With an outdoor pool, space for your pool also requires much consideration. When planning, it is vital that you assess the amount of space you have to construct your pool. Other considerations also include the type of use your pool will get and the amount of surrounding space you require.

3. Service, maintainence and spare parts

Service, maintenance and spare parts is an important aspect of a pool. Swimming pools are often used for more than 20 years, and for this reason, consistent servicing and quality spare parts are important. We offer servicing and maintenance advice for all of our products. Due to the modular assembly of all single components, LD-Pool guarantees accuracy with fast maintenance and replacements - please see our Water Treatment and Accessories page for more information.