1. The right pool length

1.1 Standard ´conventional´ pool

A conventional swimming pool without a counter current system or unit can be divided into three zones; turning-zone 1, the swimming-zoneand the turning-zone 2.

Turning zone

Health swimmer 2 x 3m = 6m
Hobby swimmer 2 x 4,5m = 9m
Competitive swimmer 2 x 4,5m = 14m

Swimming zone: 1 swimming cycle = left and right arm stroke

Health swimmer 1 1,0m
Hobby swimmer 1 1,5m
Competitive swimmer 1 2,0m

Pool length = turning area (1+2) + number of cycles

z.B.: Hobbys swimmer:  
Turning zone (1+2) = 9,0m
5 Swimming cycles a 1,5m = 7,5m
Pool length: 16,5m
Your level:  
Turning zone (1+2) = m
Swimming cycles = m
Pool length m

1.2 A counter current swimming channel

Since you don´t have to turn when you swim, you only need a pool length of 4.5m!

Therefore, you save space, energy and money!

2. The right pool

2.1 Conventional swimming pool: no counter current technology

Conventional pools, also referred to as ´lap pools´, are pools that do not possess counter current swimming technology. In a conventional pool, for a hobby athlete to complete 5 swimming cylces they require a pool length of 16.5 m. Someone who is a health swimmer needs a pool 11 m in length. Conventional swimming pools are not ideal for most due to cost, year round utilisation, functionality and the required area needed for installation.

2.2 Swimming pools with jet-nozzles

Swimming pools that contain jet-nozzles generate water flow through pump-driven jetted streams. Although these pools generate water flow, it is often viewed as being sub-standard because of the associated amount of turbulence and an un-natural current produced. As the image displays, the water flow generated by jet-nozzles is weak, and this often leads to the swimmers feet sagging deep into the water. Achieving a natural swimming technique in a jet-powered swimming pool is almost impossible.

2.3 Swimming pool with turbines: counter current technology

An LD-Pool counter current unit provides an excellent swimming experience. One to four turbines can be installed to produce a wide, deep and smooth current throughout the length of the pool. Your legs won´t sag, and the soft but consistent current is similar to swimming in open water.

2.4 Swimming pool with counter current channel system

A swimming pool that possess a counter current swimming channel is the optimal swimming environment, with many believing it to be more effective than true swimming if one's purpose is to improve fitness and endurance. A counter current channel system generates a smooth water flow throughout the entire pool volume. Water current is continually ´cylcled´ through the pool by powerful turbine motors. The swimmer is comfotably suspended in the current, with no drifting or sagging.