The idea of ​​LD-Pool´s

The driving force behind LD-Pool´s was the desire to create counter current swimming pools that would generate a broad, deep and smooth current. Our patented turbine-motor designs have been engineered to create optimal swimming environments, and this is what distinguishes our products from other swimming machines.

Our newly developed counter current swimming pools are driven by powerful turbine motors that enable to swimmer to swim in one place, a concept that is comparable to “running on a treadmill”. Settings and training programs are accessible via a control panel which enables the user to swim at their desired level. Our pools can be installed inside or outside.

Our patented systems are engineered to provide a challenging workout for recreational to competitive swimmers and athletes, and are also ideal for rehabilitation, aqua jogging or simply relaxing.

LD-Pool´s possess many advantages over traditional types of swimming machines. Our success is chiefly attributed to our patented turbine motor technology, which is far more effective that “traditional jet swimming machines” that produce a certain amount of turbulence and an un-natural swimming environment.

Key advantages of an LD-Pool counter current swimming system include:

- More power, which means a broader, deeper, smoother and fuller current.

- A smooth and consistent stream throughout the entire volume of the pool.

- No air bubbles, which creates a more natural swimming environment similar to swimming in a lap pool.

- A control panel with settings and programs to help monitor training performance.

- A versatile counter current swimming pool that is ideal for wide range of physical activities including rehabilitation, improving wellbeing, increasing fitness and endurance, training for competitive sports and of course swimming.